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CryptoHero on Felix

CryptoHero is now live on Felix Exchange!

CryptoHero is a multi-platform trading bot that is powered by AI technology and proprietary algorithms, providing its user various trading strategies through a simplified user-interface. CryptHero also offers a “For Trader-By Trader” Marketplace that allows new users to familiarize with automated trading by using proven crypto bots created by experienced traders. New users will no longer need to feel 'lost' while getting started and experienced traders can lease their bots to others and earn extra revenue as a result.

To get 'automating', simply follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: The email address that you use to signup to CryptoHero must be the same as the email address registered with your Felix account.  

1. Set up your API key for Felix by following the guidelines provided by CryptoHero

2. Go to Trading Bot Sign Up page

3) Select Felix as the Exchange, add the respective API Key and Secret, then click Add Exchange to confirm 


4) Based on the accuracy of the API Key and Secret entered, the fully operational status would be displayed as seen below; indicating that you're all set and good to go!


For your safety, NEVER allow withdrawals using API keys.

Please see CryptoHero's FAQ for common issues faced by CryptoHero users and instructions on how to get past them. 

You may also check out CryptoHero's Youtube channel if you are new to trading and need a quick video tutorial to help you get started.