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HummingBot on Felix

HummingBot is now live on Felix Exchange!

To enjoy the free, open source and fully flexible trading bot functions from HummingBot, simply install and follow the steps below:

1. Refer to HummingBot's source installation guide to install Hummingbot from source; we recommend this path for developers who want to customize Hummingbot's behavior or to build new connectors and strategies.

Alternatively, for other ways to install HummingBot you may refer to Windows Installation Guidelines or Mac OS Installation Guidelines.

You may also see here for the Felix Connector Source code on GitHub. 

Note: This is an in-house version designed to provide users bot connectivity to our Exchange and not an official release. The official release will be available for download on in due course.  

2. Upon successful installation, you should arrive at a welcome page as seen below mceclip5.png

mceclip3.png3. You will then be prompted to set up a Password, and re-enter that Password on your first loginmceclip2.png

4. Next, type 'connect felix' in the command line to connect to Felix API modulesmceclip4.png

5. Finally, type in the API Key and Secret Keysmceclip5.png

You should be all set now!

For the full operations manual of HummingBot on different pre-loaded bots and strategies, please refer to: