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Felix's Soft Launch - what it means for our users!

Felix has commenced its soft launch today, the 6th of May 2022!

Here is what it means:

1. Users will have access to a curated list of top token pairs and markets such as $FTM, $BTC and $ETH hosted by Binance Cloud.

2. Fantom tokens such as $TOMB, $MAI, $BASED, $SPIRIT, $SCREAM, $LQDR, $TREEB and many more will be coming in the weeks following the soft launch. 

Your feedback and suggestions as early participants on areas of improvement would be very important to us, and will be instrumental for identifying any bugs or glitches on the Felix platform. We would use your feedback to inform continued development and help determine what features are popular and which could be added to provide a better service to our users.

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