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Why is my withdrawal still pending?

If there is an issue with your recent withdrawal and they don’t appear on the receiver platform, firstly please check the withdrawal history for its status.

Furthermore, a transaction ID (TXID) is generated within 60 minutes of submitting a withdrawal; the generated TXID indicates the transfer has begun. When the TXID is generated, you can click on this TXID to check the status and number of confirmations.

If the network shows that the transaction is not confirmed, you will need to wait for the confirmation process to be completed. The exact amount of time will depend on the network and it's traffic.

If the status shows that the transaction is confirmed, then your funds have been sent successfully. Unfortunately, this also means that we can’t provide any further support. Your transaction has left our network, which means it is literally out of our hands.

In this instance please contact the owner (or support team) of the destination address for further assistance.

If it’s been more than six hours since submitting your withdrawal and its status has not changed, please reach out to us by raising a support ticket mentioning the TXID, amount and time of transaction and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.